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5EW represents Art as a lifestyle, we also sets the bar high requiring you to become an absolute force. Our Logo is our trophy of supreme excellence, holding the meaning of being your absolute. 5EW intends to proliferate ART with in and Through all forms


Although 5EW represents Legends in all genres by paying homage to them through our works of art, There is more knowledge for those of us who wish to know more about what we are and who we are. 






  A Revelation in the creative Revolution


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Fifth Element of War : 5EW

'''5EW''' The Fifth Element of War commonly known as 5EW, is an Diversified Entertainment company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. As we pushes to become the newest term in the world to define the true meaning of Art, representing the greatest of minds thereof, and Showcasing Art as a revolutionarily element in the world as it should be.

Created by the American contemporary FIlm Director Derek Rodarte also known in the art scene as the poetic painter Royal D Art.  “5EW”  formed in 1999 taking on its current name in 2013, He expanded its existing operations and also started divisions focused upon the Arts, from musicians, poets, and actors and were later founded on April 22, 2013, by Derek Rodarte as the Fifth Element of War.  He looked to established 5EW as a leader in the American Fine art scene before diversifying into different mediums of art in live-action film production,  3D animation, experimental sound, Jewelry, and Clothing..as the Brand prepares to explode into the worldwide art Scene. 5EW quickly created new divisions of the company in order to associate with its flagship Art-oriented brand. 







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What it Means To Be : 5EW

5EW: one who performs their art to their ultimate maximum,


This is the essence of 5EW pushing to lead as a mark of master class excellence of human potential, one who wishes to revolutionize and evolve their surroundings with sheer talent, like a poet with his words a painter with his brush a musician with his instrument, a DJ with his turntables. It’s not just any one who could be labeled 5EW but only those willing to release the genius within. 5EW representing Art as a lifestyle and sets the bar high requiring you to become an absolute force.


5EW is the abbreviation for the (Fifth Element of War), the elements refer to Politics, Religion, Family, and Money with the fifth element being Art. The 5EW philosophical view is the embodiment of art as a lifestyle, because the fifth element of war is art.


As we more than often use parts of our brain to extend our intelligence through creative exercises, Whether or not we believe were creative or artistic, our very existence has proclaimed an inevitable seat to become the audience of those not just willing to accept but to indulge in their craft to exceed the potential of the norm. They supersede the bar held high by their predecessors; their division is relentless, unavailable to the normal minded, unwilling not to be great, born self-motivated, and ambitious beyond the very meaning of the word. These are those who are dubbed 5EW.

The philosophical view behind 5EW releasing the Genius within, is to be radical with what you love to do. when you put your mind, body and soul into what you love to do, you Attract that exact measure of love. It is highly believed that in order to be born into greatness, It takes a lifestyle and a mindset.  Those of us willing to become more then expectations are those who illuminate the world. The Works of Art we choose, showcase, and sale in our store complement our company’s mindset. The individuals we choose to Award and dub legends through 5EW, are Great minds of our past, present, and future.


The fifth element of war does not exist within any time period but rather provided a formal basis for our time. Transcending the meaning of common and temporary to radical and permanent for our contemporary artist of this proceeding generation who seek and push to be exclusive and above expectations. 5EW symbol is our “Oscar” for those who have deemed possible the factors of being great in what they do.



                                                                                                                          " We of art, can only be of art, if we realize we are the Art, of our World."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                -Derek Rodarte-










A scientific approach : 5EW



5EW founded on the Art, Design and ideals of Derek Rodarte. From a mix of various Arts, 5EW would go through a very unique aging process. In late 2000, “5EW” was in its adolescent mind. “5EW” called at the time, Five Element War, referring to the five elements of hip hop such as; skating, b boxing, brake dancing, Mc’ing, and Graffing, but By 2005, “5EW” would change gears with its philosophical view and would transform in a college science class as the Fifth Element of War.


 In 2005, the development of “5EW” would continue with an interesting study with quantum physics and superstring theory. From the studies and connections made from theoretical science, the 5EW meaning would fuse all arts as one by combining the five elements (skating, b boxing, brake dancing, Mc’ing, and Graffing) under one Element, Art. This left the door open to a much larger group of people. The Five Element War Aka 5EW was now The Fifth Element of War.


Derek looked to the world for his inspiration in setting the four new empty elements of 5EW. Looking at everything that started and ended wars, but even more Focused on what brings one who is of Art, stress or joy. Derek wrote the elements as Politics, Religion, Family and Money with the fifth element being Art. The other four elements are everything that he believed Art was subjected to. As Art was the key factor in this view, Art was either subjected to the elements, over them or using them. Whether Art was over them or not, Art was still subjected to a love or hate, for the cause of Good or bad.  The overview of 5EW was the Art, as he wrote, “the art is what the artist is, involved in every aspect of the elements with the power to change the world; we are still in a constant battle as individuals with the four elements over our head, but still, we have with the power to be free through what we love to do.”


Art truly shows how it can free the mind of humanity from the slavery of time, and that concept is noticed as we write, act, record or paint. All perception of time is lost, the times to eat, sleep, or even remember his love ones. In order to create 5EW, it truly took a large portion of Derek Rodarte and his life. His focus with 5EW transformed him into the Artist known as The Poetic Painter Royal d’ Art.


Today 5EW History is now in your hands 











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