Derek Rodarte


5EW became a Code, My Artists code, its who I became i am, how I learned to create worlds, always using the same codes and symbols in various imagery, the paintings became the keys to the door that shined a light on the path to my concept art of Androdica.



Its not always flowers and ice cream, At this time in my life I struggled a lot,  struggled a lot with my way of thinking,  i was heavily saturated in thought, i couldnt turn off the noise,  i was alone self willingly and had no idea why I wanted  not to live, it was the Art that kept me going!!!


As time passed,  I noticed immediate changes and myself,  in such a short time I had a full grown beard,  I was able to hold conversation with myself.  I saw no different than playing chess with oneself,  I was making moves within art,  I wasn’t just creating to create,  but to find meaning so that one day I could gives substance to the world an enlightened humanity. I would always say to myself can “I, will I,  I must.”

Through 2008  I became completely gave myself to science, i became a studie, i was intereged with the way my thinking patterens worked, i was well aware and conices that it was different.  Time and space.  Are you know if it was just a normal thing to be so aware how expands, how time sustained expands space, I went crazy just thinking of theories studying ancient symbols,  thinking about the future and what it will look like,  I became obsessive-compulsive with the number three,  and creating hey style that  complemented  the Science I studied.

I think a lot,  I know a lot of people think,  and you can think what you want to think,  but I thought so much,  I thought for so long,  that I experienced thought like painting,  except no one can see,  no one can take.  I knew I was living too safe