A work of art and engeerning. The Artsit and Designer Derek Rodarte steped away from the canvas just to create his 2D images from the fusionist into a fasion from a world he calls androdica. This release is phonomenal, 3 rings, 3 necaleces, and 3 bangles in one of thee most stunning pieces of jewlery ever created from a painter. His inspiration pulled from his own creations and developed stlyes, such as the Fusionist whitch created his world called Androdica. Be the first to own a Derek Rodarte original design as he brings you his first Jewlary Collection, a nine piece set.  Save the World Androdica, select your Design today.


New designs Pay tribute

to the Designers world he calls



Be Boss, with the phenomenon


New designs that evoke endless

imagination with a gemstone and precious metals combine to capture the mistyic of a dragons hearat


 Because theres nothing more to say


Join the few 

Designed by DerekRodarte. Derek Rodarte is olny producing nine Designs yearly. No shipping ouside the US, all pieces made for custom fits, this pieces are rear. Our hope is to be in store at a sak 5th near you soon. Thank you


-Derek ROdarte-